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i wear a lot of hats. i run in a lot of circles.  i do a great many things i love - photography is one of them.



i live in the greater philadelphia area and travel extensively in pursuit of creative photographs for a variety of clients.



i've been a private investigator for over 25 years. while i can not share all I've seen through the various lenses of a multitude of cameras, i am able to share a great deal of others.



many people ask me about my name - a nickname procured in my youth in various bands and locker rooms. it's probably the least offensive name that stuck. people who know me as kurm don't even know i have a given name. when introduced to people who know me as michael, most everyone is confused.



fortunate to travel as a photographer, musician, private eye, hockey junkie, helper, common sense advocate, whole food plant-based fitness fan & best dad ever!










instagram: @kurm

twitter: @kurm












thank you for taking the time to photograph the players - I was thrilled to see so many awesome shots and my daughter was all smiles!

Your work is magnificent! The lighting, exposure, girls frozen in action shots - really spectacular. Thank you again for taking the time to come out and share your gift with us. We really appreciate it. - Jim and Sue R.



Michael - my son played in this game...and your photos are amazing! He's a senior and the shots you captured made my heart stop in a good way - thank you so much... - Lynda T.




You rock Kurm!!! Awesome - Chris S.



i would like to ... use as singular attachments for emails to recruits ... a lot of great shots!!! (Division 1 College Football Coach)




Great shots as always, Kurm! - Phil H.